November 2015


I am writing to let you know of how the Midway team is doing and how my plans are coming. We just recently had a retreat at Selah Christian Retreat Center in Vassar, MB. We discussed what our calendar year will look like and what we want to change coming into 2016. We also discussed how I will fit into the ministry team come the New Year.

I am at approximately a third of my monthly amount thus far. I am thankful for those whom God has provided to partner with me. I am also rejoicing that God has provided many prayer and encouragement partners. It has been decided that I will be starting on Feb. 1. I will move up during the third/fourth week of January. I will be rooming with fellow missionary Daniel Merasty. We both want a Christian roommate and I thank God for His provision thus far.

Construction is slow in the Winkler area; the company I had been working with laid off several of their employees including me. I have found work for the time being with my uncle doing construction in Altona and western Manitoba/Saskatchewan.

We also recently had an art auction titled Meeting Midway For a Masterpiece. This was held at the Steinbach MB church on Nov. 21. 25 pieces of art were sold; the majority was graciously donated by artists in northern Manitoba. The proceeds were for the support of Midway Bible Camp and missionaries Daniel, Kyla and I. Thank you very much being a part of God’s ministry in Northern Manitoba. I thank God that you are part of my life.

Humbly yours,

Travis Harms

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