May 2016

To those who support us in faith:

Thank you for your continued support. This month has been discouraging; there has been quite a lot of death in the northern communities. Last week I drove a youth home that hasn’t come to salt in some time. I’d known this youth for a while. She’s a very intelligent individual who has a good sense of humor. For most of youth and the drive she was pretty quiet. Then as we nearing her street she said, “How do you deal with grief?”

The question was hard hitting. After deep breath I said, “Well, there are two ways you can deal with it. You can trust God, or you can try and deal with it some other way. I’ve tried both. And the times I’ve trusted God are the times I’ve felt the closest to Him and felt actual peace. It was really nice. But the times I didn’t, were the times I chose to suffer more. Yea you might feel a little better for a while but it’s only temporary.” She understood and contemplated it a little and I dropped her off, she said thanks and that was it.

So, there are many cases like this in the communities we’re involved in, struggling with grief and depression. I myself have had seasons of it but am doing well now. In the news there was an epidemic in the nearby community of Cross-Lake. In a community of 6,000 there were 140 people attempting or threatening to commit suicide and 100 people on suicide watch.

Before any social aid that the federal government plans to give, I believe the only real answer is Jesus.

So please pray for deliverance for us, that we would all turn to God and trust in him. If God is able to restore a nation like Israel, He is able to restore our people if we just trust in him. Because I know that if God created our people, and that we were all made in his image, he loves us.

So I’ll just end with a slight update with Nelson House. We are still meeting, and we recently finished the book of Matthew, and before that, Genesis. We are now reading Exodus and the youth’s response is really encouraging, they scold me for not teaching enough. We do about three chapters at a time, seeing’s how when the youth group began, one chapter seemed like a lot to get through for a lot of them, I think that’s a great response. I’d ask that for prayer that God would speak to us through His word and that we would seek Him and turn completely from our way to His.

Thank you again for being a part or what we see God doing.


Daniel Merasty

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