God does special things – January 2016

Brothers and sisters in Christ Jesus,

We thank God for each of you who reads these reports. Our hope is that you are encouraged in what God is doing and spurred on to build His kingdom in whichever way He leads you! It is so easy to think of every event in life as the good, the bad and everything in between. God does special things. Only God is good and no matter what something seems like in the moment our perspective is fundamentally altered with the knowledge that God is at work. Four days in the wilderness looking for Caribou with adults and youth alike brought out a few cases that reinforce that point…

James 4:2 “You lust and do not have. You murder and covet and cannot obtain. You fight and war. Yet you do not have because you do not ask.”

Driving down the winter road towards Tadoule with one of the volunteers who works with the Adults in Nelson House and a young man from Thompson our trailer wheel was “all of a sudden” bouncing past us. To put it mildly there was an element of frustration as an initial feeling. The sun was gone and a light snow was falling and in the vehicle Morgan said something like, “I wonder what God has for us in this situation! Somehow God will use this for our good.” All three of us got outside and began changing the tire when a secondary situation arose. The jack would not lift the trailer high enough. Just because He can God did something special. The young man who was with us is in a rough and often situation in life and openly wonders if God has anything for him. Right there, on the road, in the middle of nowhere was cut log. Now to put this into perspective we traveled 240 km of winter road and no where was a piece of cut log. Not only was there a piece of cut log but it was exactly, to the 16th of an inch, the right height to be slid under the trailer so we could re-jack the trailer and get it fixed . The volunteer I was with commented on this and I looked at the young man’s eyes, they were big and round. God had allowed our wheel to go bouncing along because He wanted the young man, and all of us, no see that He is active and gives us a way out. When something is broken and we look to fix it God is always there and cares. He will help us fix it. Once we set up for the night some other man joined us and we were cozy in our sleeping bags when around 2:30 in the morning someone’s phone alarm went off. Morgan woke up and allowed himself to get frustrated but after a few minutes the alarm stopped and back to sleep he went. Then, around 5:45 in the morning, someone else’s alarm went off! Morgan woke up but no one else did. After 10 or 15 minutes Morgan felt like finding the culprit and sending him into the snow outside! After what seemed like at least an hour, time drags when you are letting yourself get frustrated so it may have been shorter, Morgan realized once again that getting frustrated is of no value. You would think that after following Jesus since he was very young that leaning on Jesus and casting all his cares on Him would be second nature but sometimes we are all slow to learn!!!(FYI This is Morgan writing this.) With Morgan’s realization of the futility of being frustrated he did the only sensible thing and prayed to God, “God please help me have a good attitude no matter what and… could you please turn off that alarm!” Now Morgan does not usually bring such small and seemingly unimportant things to God. Whether he should or not is a debate for another day. What happened next falls into the category of “Just because He can.” The silence was almost deafening. Morgan had got so used to the hour long rhythmic beeping of the alarm that he was almost missing the sound. Just because He could God had turned off the alarm. No one woke up. No one else in the whole world cared. God was teaching Morgan, again, that we truly need to trust in Him, rely on Him, bring our cares to Him and no matter what have a good attitude because no matter how we feel about a situation God can use it for good! This would become even more important the next day.

On their way home, Morgan and the young man from Thompson were joined by Harry in his vehicle. They left on Saturday evening so that Morgan could spend an extra day his family but God had other plans. On the way up Harry had gone in the ditch and hit a large rock on the winter road so they were driving with his donut wheel less than 30km an hour when…Bump,Slam,Stop. The supports and axle were broken and the vehicle was now going no where!!! It was about 10:00pm and we were 110km North of Lynn Lake and 60Km South of the tent with the rest of our crew. Around 11:00 a truck drove by with a spot for one passenger so Harry went on to Lynn Lake for the night and to figure out towing. No one would drive past that spot in the middle of the bush heading for Lynn Lake for the next twelve hours. We always have an emergency kit and are prepared with skills and supplies so there was no real concern. What happened next was another special thing. Starting with questions like, “What do you want to do when you get older?” “What do you like to do?” and “Who in your life do you want to be like?” Morgan and the young man talked more in that vehicle that night than all the other times combined. After gentle questioning, prodding and leading the conversation it came out that the only thing in life he really likes to do is go hunting. He has only gone three times, all with Morgan. Of all the ‘work like’ things he has done cleaning is his favorite. He wants to be like one of his extended family members who is actively following Jesus. With each of these questions the conversation bent towards talking about God’s role in our lives. They talked about how following God allows us to be un-entangled by the restrictions of being caught up in the consequences of sin and allows us to do things like going hunting together and taking others along who would not have an opportunity otherwise. They talked about how Jesus came to fix the situation of sin and make things right, about how Morgan could help him train for a career in cleaning things and how to become like his family member he would need to do as the family member had and give his life over to Jesus. There is a lot more that could be said about this and the subsequent interactions in Lynn Lake and on the road but suffice it to say that God took all these situations and used them for good.

We thank God for each of you who support us in various ways. God is good and is building His kingdom. Please pray for wisdom, balance and love. There is much to do and seeking God’s will above even what just makes sense is important.

Until next time,
Your brother and sister in Christ Jesus,

Morgan and Krista Serger
with Obadiah, Enoch and Amos

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