February 2016


For the first time I am writing this to you from the beautiful Thompson Manitoba. I arrived here approximately a week ago. Currently I am staying in Morgan Serger’s basement. God has provided me a good place to stay even though a place with a roommate was not available when I moved up. I am still planning to move in with another fellow missionary, Daniel Merasty in the coming months.
This previous weekend we spent some time caribou hunting up on the winter roads. We drove up all the way past Lynn Lake up toward Brochet and Tadoule Lake. The caribou on their migration swing through part of Manitoba. For the past few years, Morgan, Cohle and a few others from the community have been going up to get caribou.

A number of folks that have been involved in the Bible camp from Winkler and Steinbach drove up to hunt also. There were also two teens from Thompson who joined us, one of whom I’ll be working with, but I’ll return to that later. We were actually not able to get any caribou. Most were too far north and we could not travel to them because the winter road was not open far enough. This was disappointing but we still had a good time and made memories together. We are thankful that God provided safety for us travelling. There were some vehicle breakdowns but no one was hurt. God is good!

I have started on developing a platform for using construction projects as ministry. I will be working with a teen named Dylan. We have two projects lined up currently. We will install a door in the mission offices and build a shed with the intent of selling it. The profit from the projects will go to paying Dylan a wage and covering our costs. Roy Dunford of Thompson has been a great help. The company Roy works for throws out many building materials that can still be used. Roy has brought them to us for this ministry’s use. This greatly lowers our costs. I am very thankful for the help that he has been thus far.

I will still be working in the Nelson House SALT group as I have said previously.

I am glad to report that I have experienced a second wave of sorts with support coming in. I have been greatly blessed by what I have received in the last month. I had been at approximately 30% for a long time. Currently I am at 56% which is enough for me to live on. God has provided for my needs and I am thankful for His provision.

I wrote in my previous report about my dad’s health issues. My dad made a full recovery shortly thereafter. I praise God for His goodness in that to our family. My grandpa however, is now dealing with cancer and treatment. I am praying for recovery and I ask that you would join me in that. Prayers also for developing a good working relationship with Dylan and finding a long term place to settle into would be appreciated.

Humbly yours,

Travis Harms

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