Coordinated – May 2016

Brothers and sisters in Christ Jesus,

Being obedient to God is very important. Often time we do not even know why we are supposed to do something. There are other times when we feel we know exactly why we ought to do something. Sometimes we are right. We always hold only a part of the picture and with that part, if we base our decision making only on the part, we miss the big picture. It is a really good thing, in fact the best thing, that God is the author and perfecter of our faith and life. As God coordinates His good will, we are all on a need to know basis. It is a great gift from God that we get to see glimpses of what He is doing. Trust and obey for each of us needs to be the focus. It is better to obey than to understand. It sure is good that we serve the great and loving God!

The merger process is going well and Morgan is kept pretty busy coordinating the paper trail that needs to be taken care with transfers and filings and such while keeping the wheels pointed in the right direction as the organization needs to function in the meantime. The board of directors has been a great help and very supportive in this process and we can all thank God for leaders He has put in place for such a time as this. This process, though very important and a part of following God, can be less interesting that some of the notes that follow. Here are 3 short stories showing how God is at work!

If you remember a number of years ago God kept Morgan and a grandmother from York Landing on the road when the old blue van lost all its breaks and they were headed for the T intersection with snow covered roads and 80km/hour worth of momentum. This is the same grandmother. Morgan went to Goose Camp with Obadiah for 3 days in York Landing to meet with the community and explore possibilities for future ministry and life. Sitting at the Goose Camp picnic tables was this grandmother of one of the original S.A.L.T. youth from Midway Bible Camp. Morgan and the grandmother were talking about life, children, grand kids and the like when the grandmother made this comment. “I was looking through some old newspapers a few weeks ago and I came across your article about forgiveness. It really hit me hard. Thank you.” Morgan writes an article for the Spiritual Thoughts column in the local paper 4 or 5 times a year. The summary of this article was how forgiveness brings healing not just to the relationship with the offender but also, perhaps more so, into our own hearts as we let go of bitterness and give the offense, offender and and our right to be offended up to God. A good conversation followed and all because God coordinated this grandmother finding an old newspaper, Morgan to York Landing and the two to meet all at once. They chatted about many things including the harrowing blue van without breaks incident and even there the grandmother mentioned how she had been praying as they hurtled towards the intersection and the vivid memory of God’s protection. God is good!

Another coordination was at the Hospital where Morgan has begun helping some of the pastors who have a mini-service (Bible reading, devotional, singing, counsel and visiting) each week and a simple song. Some of the people come with different injuries and ailments and one Cree lady came who could not remember any song she wanted sung. Morgan began singing one of the few Cree songs he knows by memory and at the chorus her mouth began to move. By the third or fourth word she was singing along to a song she could not remember where she had heard it before. This was after the Bible reading and discussion and yet with the song talking about how God sees and the little birds and flowers a good discussion about the love of God followed. God is faithful.

The third story occurred back at Goose Camp in York Landing. After the almost 2 hour drive and 2 hour ferry ride Morgan with Obadiah and another gentleman arrived just in time for the first gathering and lunch. With Snow Goose, bannock and goose soup in hand Morgan and Obadiah sat down at a table with two other people. God had coordinated that these two would be members of Chief and Council, one the outgoing holder of the education portfolio, and they were interested in the possibility of us moving there in the coming year. They talked about how they really need good teachers who are a part of the community. They talked about how 70% of the teachers in the local school don’t return for a second year mostly at the community’s discretion. They talked about the need for activities for children and youth, support for those who grieve and ongoing mental health counselling. Morgan offered to serve as the community desires and the issue of housing was brought up. Morgan had no expectations when going to visit York Landing for 3 days and yet within 3 hours of landing there he was connecting with influential and knowledgeable community members. Who knows what God is coordinating and whether He will have this potential move to York Landing work out but it sure seems like He is in this exploratory process.

Morgan and Obadiah had a great time in York Landing and back home too. There was good fellowship with believers there while sitting on couches, the ground, picnic tables or standing casting for fish. One notable moment was when Morgan was carving a large wooden spoon for the cookpots with the axe that was there. About a dozen children were huddled around looking carefully and asking questions. Someone mentioned that a picture was happening and there was one of the community leaders smiling and snapping pictures. What is God coordinating next?

We thank God for each of you reading this and just hope that our story encourages you to trust in God and obey Him. You never know how the threads of your story will weave in and out to be a part of His master plan. God is coordinated like no other!!!

Your brother and sister in Christ Jesus,

Morgan and Krista Serger
with Obadiah, Enoch and Amos

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