April 2016

Greetings from the yet still white North,

Spring is here; it is still kind of cold here though. Easter came and went. I spent my Easter at services the various churches in Thompson held. I definitely missed Easter gatherings back home. Jesus is still alive and victorious wherever we are. I’ve been doing a lot of ice fishing recently. Currently the bite is on at Paint Lake and fishing is a hobby of mine.

SALT Nelson House
We as a mission are very excited to see what has been happening at the SALT group in Nelson House. The youth are starting to take turns leading Bible study each week. This is what we have been praying for for years. We have always wanted the youth to take ownership of this group and begin to self-lead this group. It is really exciting to see God working there.

Nipawin Retreat
The retreat at Nipawin Bible College really opened a door for me to get to know some of the youth much better than I did before. I am not a naturally outgoing person. This weekend was a really good experience together. Noah Parsons of the Bridge in Saskatoon was the speaker. We were challenged to stand tall for God wherever we are. Peter’s denials of Jesus were the example of what we can learn from.

Junior high and high school can be hard years for anyone. Some youth feel very isolated with very few fellow Christians in their families. Representing Christ well is hard, no matter where we are. However, just as Peter was reinstated, we are welcomed back to God and back to serving him. Please pray for the youth who do not have many other believers to fellowship with.

Midway Builders
We have been busy. Dylan and I finished up the entrance at Eduard Spies house. He was very happy with the job that we did for him. Dylan has learned a lot in the short time that he has been here. We have also hired another young man, William Paupanakis. We have also started building a shed that we hope to sell.

I am often reminded that this is a long term project we are looking at. Discipleship is not a linear street and only God can change hearts. However, I have been blessed to get to know these two young men. I have been privileged to be a part of their lives.
God has been teaching me that just as we struggle in our faith here on earth, Jesus has gone before us and left us an example. I do have fellowship here but generally Thompson is a dark city. Jesus suffered in His earthly life; we should not be surprised when the same happens to us. Let us strive to be faithful in our lives as Jesus was.

Matters of Prayer
Prayer for Dylan and William would be greatly appreciated. Pray that would both want to follow God with everything they are. Pray also for the SALT youth that they would grow into mature disciples of Christ. Pray also for me as I try to create a long term business plan for Midway Builders.

Humbly yours,

Travis Harms

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