A Fly on The Wall – September 2015

Sometime we wish we could be just a fly on the wall and other times we `get` the chance. God is faithful to bring people to a point of decision to follow him and we all have the privilege, if we keep our eyes open for it, to see glimpses of maturing, potential and even outright fruit coming from that spiritual growth. We are always amazed at how God works things together in His timing. I like an apple seed, shoot, sapling, tree, leaf and flower but what I really want is to see that fruit!

This fall with some of the volunteers leaving the North Morgan has been traveling with Daniel Merasty and Kyla Plett to be the third in the ministry team going to Nelson House every Friday. One of our general policies is that female and male staff do not travel 1 on 1 alone and so Morgan has this opportunity. It would be very easy for Morgan just to jump into the middle of the teaching and leading component of the SALT youth group that Daniel leads with support from Kyla but…that would stop Daniel and Kyla along with the youth from being able to grow into their own leadership so this is what happened. The first time one of the SALT youth was babysitting and brought the three young ones to the SALT youth group. Now, as many of you are already guessing, bringing three young children could provide a significant distraction so… Morgan went to the back of the room with them and had the opportunity to have a little `Sunday School` program while being a `fly on the wall.` The little ones were kept occupied, learned about Jesus and how God loves them and made them special and ,of equal importance, the SALT youth were able to keep focused and engaged with Daniel and Kyla.

The whole concept of prioritizing discipleship and growing Christian leaders makes this kind of decision a great example of what we are trying to create in all the ministries of Mid-Way Christian Leadership. The idea that time and energy spend releasing growing leaders to exercise their faith and leadership skills in leading others to a better understanding of what it means to follow God through Bible study and practical application is essential. Maybe we are so excited about this because as Morgan was a `fly on the wall` teaching the little kids in the corner he overheard some fantastic teaching by Daniel. Getting the SALT youth to read from the Bible, each in turn, then prodding them with questions and gently but firmly expounding on what the Bible passage meant for their daily walks sent shivers up Morgan`s spine. Is this not what we dream about? As we keep our eyes on Jesus and become more like Him as He grows the fruit of the Spirit in us we desire to call others to be like us inasmuch as we are like Christ.

Other evenings Morgan has gone to visit some of the older Christians in the community while Daniel and Kyla get the SALT started in or out of the little church in Nelson House. In these Nisichawayasihk Cree Nation homes sometimes there is prayer while other times it is just sitting and talking but always there is something in their eyes when they hear about what is going on that sparkles with the thought that the next generation may outdistance the last in faithfulness to God and growing as Christian leaders. What is God doing in whole? Only God knows. What is God doing in little bits? Sometimes we see it.

It is exciting times for our family as Obadiah and Enoch learn and grow and we wait expectantly for the little one to be born. Obadiah is learning to read “more and more” in his words and sings all the words to ‘Praise God from who all blessings flow’ and “God loves me” along with many other songs by himself or with the family. Both boys are running around and Enoch is just getting his first words ready for use. We have recently moved to 151 Deerwood Drive which is the new Mid-Way Christian Leadership building. The offices and meeting space is downstairs while our family lives on the main floor. We have also changed our home phone to a cell phone so our new number is 1 204 679 2474. There are many more thing that we could mention but most of all want to thank you for reading this far. We thank God for all of you who pray, donate, encourage and walk alongside us in this life. We praise God for how He provides in so many ways and pray that we all, you and us, would all remain faithful to Him. God is so good no matter the situation.

In Christ Jesus,

Morgan and Krista Serger with Obadiah, Enoch
and the little baby in Krista’s Womb due Nov 2ndish!

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