Coordinated – May 2016

Brothers and sisters in Christ Jesus,

Being obedient to God is very important. Often time we do not even know why we are supposed to do something. There are other times when we feel we know exactly why we ought to do something. Sometimes we are right. We always hold only a part of the picture and with that part, if we base our decision making only on the part, we miss the big picture. It is a really good thing, in fact the best thing, that God is the author and perfecter of our faith and life. As God coordinates His good will, we are all on a need to know basis. It is a great gift from God that we get to see glimpses of what He is doing. Trust and obey for each of us needs to be the focus. It is better to obey than to understand. It sure is good that we serve the great and loving God!

The merger process is going well and Morgan is kept pretty busy coordinating the paper trail that needs to be taken care with transfers and filings and such while keeping the wheels pointed in the right direction as the organization needs to function in the meantime. The board of directors has been a great help and very supportive in this process and we can all thank God for leaders He has put in place for such a time as this. This process, though very important and a part of following God, can be less interesting that some of the notes that follow. Here are 3 short stories showing how God is at work!

If you remember a number of years ago God kept Morgan and a grandmother from York Landing on the road when the old blue van lost all its breaks and they were headed for the T intersection with snow covered roads and 80km/hour worth of momentum. This is the same grandmother. Morgan went to Goose Camp with Obadiah for 3 days in York Landing to meet with the community and explore possibilities for future ministry and life. Sitting at the Goose Camp picnic tables was this grandmother of one of the original S.A.L.T. youth from Midway Bible Camp. Morgan and the grandmother were talking about life, children, grand kids and the like when the grandmother made this comment. “I was looking through some old newspapers a few weeks ago and I came across your article about forgiveness. It really hit me hard. Thank you.” Morgan writes an article for the Spiritual Thoughts column in the local paper 4 or 5 times a year. The summary of this article was how forgiveness brings healing not just to the relationship with the offender but also, perhaps more so, into our own hearts as we let go of bitterness and give the offense, offender and and our right to be offended up to God. A good conversation followed and all because God coordinated this grandmother finding an old newspaper, Morgan to York Landing and the two to meet all at once. They chatted about many things including the harrowing blue van without breaks incident and even there the grandmother mentioned how she had been praying as they hurtled towards the intersection and the vivid memory of God’s protection. God is good!

Another coordination was at the Hospital where Morgan has begun helping some of the pastors who have a mini-service (Bible reading, devotional, singing, counsel and visiting) each week and a simple song. Some of the people come with different injuries and ailments and one Cree lady came who could not remember any song she wanted sung. Morgan began singing one of the few Cree songs he knows by memory and at the chorus her mouth began to move. By the third or fourth word she was singing along to a song she could not remember where she had heard it before. This was after the Bible reading and discussion and yet with the song talking about how God sees and the little birds and flowers a good discussion about the love of God followed. God is faithful.

The third story occurred back at Goose Camp in York Landing. After the almost 2 hour drive and 2 hour ferry ride Morgan with Obadiah and another gentleman arrived just in time for the first gathering and lunch. With Snow Goose, bannock and goose soup in hand Morgan and Obadiah sat down at a table with two other people. God had coordinated that these two would be members of Chief and Council, one the outgoing holder of the education portfolio, and they were interested in the possibility of us moving there in the coming year. They talked about how they really need good teachers who are a part of the community. They talked about how 70% of the teachers in the local school don’t return for a second year mostly at the community’s discretion. They talked about the need for activities for children and youth, support for those who grieve and ongoing mental health counselling. Morgan offered to serve as the community desires and the issue of housing was brought up. Morgan had no expectations when going to visit York Landing for 3 days and yet within 3 hours of landing there he was connecting with influential and knowledgeable community members. Who knows what God is coordinating and whether He will have this potential move to York Landing work out but it sure seems like He is in this exploratory process.

Morgan and Obadiah had a great time in York Landing and back home too. There was good fellowship with believers there while sitting on couches, the ground, picnic tables or standing casting for fish. One notable moment was when Morgan was carving a large wooden spoon for the cookpots with the axe that was there. About a dozen children were huddled around looking carefully and asking questions. Someone mentioned that a picture was happening and there was one of the community leaders smiling and snapping pictures. What is God coordinating next?

We thank God for each of you reading this and just hope that our story encourages you to trust in God and obey Him. You never know how the threads of your story will weave in and out to be a part of His master plan. God is coordinated like no other!!!

Your brother and sister in Christ Jesus,

Morgan and Krista Serger
with Obadiah, Enoch and Amos

Fighting Darkness – February 2016

Brothers and sisters in Christ Jesus,

“Let’s make sure we ask him if there is anything we can get him or do to thank him.”

“I already know exactly what he will say. Send us some help, send us a missionary. “

It is easy to think of all the things that could benefit you, me or the next guy. The conversation above came after one of the host families for MissionX found himself in a difficult situation and bailed us out of another one simultaneously. For the past 20 years all of the second year students from Steinbach Bible College(SBC) have come North and been put through the MissionX or Mission Exposure training program in partnership with Mid-Way. Ideally, teams of around 4 students have been placed with a Native, Christian family in a First Nations community for almost a week. Coupled with training done ahead of time at SBC, some cultural and missions orientation and debriefing with Mid-Way and active relationships with God, MissionX has become a valuable experience for students, hosts and communities. Over the past 9 years, that we have been involved, we have seen God use this cross cultural meeting of people to do great things and have seen the ups and downs that go along with different groups and community situations. This year seemed different. From the planning stage on, as Morgan talked with different community leaders and contacts, there was a cloud hanging over it all.

By December there were the warning signs of depression and unrest and by the time the students arrive in mid-February there had been at least 5 suicides and as many or more attempts in the affected communities. By the time the week was over there were another 3 suicides and multiple additional attempts. This should not be an option! In the community, we mentioned above, we had sent a large team there only to find out that during the morning there had been a suicide. The host is a leader in the community and church. He is approaching 70 years of age. The burden of hosting was complicated with comforting the community and everything that goes with it. Knowing that we want to support him Cohle mentioned that maybe there was something we could do or get him to help. The answer Morgan gave was, “I already know exactly what he will say. Send us some help, a missionary.“ By the end of the MissionX week another young person had taken their own life and Morgan had asked the host what we could do to help and the answer was as predicted. Please pray that the Lord of the harvest would send out laborers into the harvest. Please pray. Fighting the spiritual darkness requires prayer and commitment.

Before you give up reading, because so far things mentioned have been grim, please stop and pray and then continue! God once again used the MissionX program and everyone involved to do something special. For Christians in the First Nations communities this was a time of encouragement and a special excuse to reconnect with different community members. When the students come into the community humbly and submit themselves to the host people the hosts job is to show them around and introduce them to others in the community. Multiple hosts mentioned that with the students as an excuse they had courage to knock on a door they perhaps avoided not wanting to seem too desperate for company or pushy only to find the door opened warmly and their relationship was rekindled. The time many of the students spent with children and families sharing and hearing testimonies of God’s faithfulness in different lives is always a highlight but in the group debriefing there was something special this year.

How racist are you? This is shocking and unusual question. For most the answer is, “Not at all!” But this is only true for some. When it comes right down to it we are all most comfortable with what and who we know and for all of us this is people of limited cultural backgrounds. This means that we think higher or lower of a person based on, in many cases, no personal knowledge. Stereotypes of this kind or that kind of person color our initial impressions and if we are not careful remain with us. The SBC students are no different. Confronted with the love of God coming from the Native Christian host families or the wonderful children running around God softened their hearts. For a couple there was the shock of realizing they were coming to be ministered to as much, or more, than they were going to minister. Perhaps this is one of the most valuable things about MissionX, Mid-Way Bible Camp, the SALT youth groups and Sunday School programs. When the people from outside the North come here with the attitude of brothers and sisters rather than mothers and fathers there is a great thing that God does. He strengthens the local Christians and siblings from afar in different but equal ways. Yes, there is much darkness, brokenness and hurt but there also is a great light that comes from God. He shines this light through those of us who have accepted Jesus as our Savior and humbly become co-heirs with Him. We need to have God raise up leaders from among the people of the North who do not stop meeting together and spurring one another on to good works in Christ. We need God to send us workers for there is a ripe field of people who want to follow Jesus if someone will play the long game and walk with them day by day. Most of all we need God’s will to be done.

For all these things above please pray. Please pray as you see more official announcements coming out soon of the fact that we are merging with InterAct Ministries of Canada. This will mean that we are moving out of administration in the next year and a bit and seriously considering moving to a more remote Cree community to help with building God’s kingdom there. Please pray for us as parents and our children as we seek to set our family on God each and every day. We praise God for each of you supporting us in various ways. It is our hope that as you read these reports you are encouraged in your walk with Jesus. May we all remain faithful to Him until the end and beyond!

Your brother and sister in Christ Jesus,
Morgan and Krista Serger
with Obadiah, Enoch and Amos

God does special things – January 2016

Brothers and sisters in Christ Jesus,

We thank God for each of you who reads these reports. Our hope is that you are encouraged in what God is doing and spurred on to build His kingdom in whichever way He leads you! It is so easy to think of every event in life as the good, the bad and everything in between. God does special things. Only God is good and no matter what something seems like in the moment our perspective is fundamentally altered with the knowledge that God is at work. Four days in the wilderness looking for Caribou with adults and youth alike brought out a few cases that reinforce that point…

James 4:2 “You lust and do not have. You murder and covet and cannot obtain. You fight and war. Yet you do not have because you do not ask.”

Driving down the winter road towards Tadoule with one of the volunteers who works with the Adults in Nelson House and a young man from Thompson our trailer wheel was “all of a sudden” bouncing past us. To put it mildly there was an element of frustration as an initial feeling. The sun was gone and a light snow was falling and in the vehicle Morgan said something like, “I wonder what God has for us in this situation! Somehow God will use this for our good.” All three of us got outside and began changing the tire when a secondary situation arose. The jack would not lift the trailer high enough. Just because He can God did something special. The young man who was with us is in a rough and often situation in life and openly wonders if God has anything for him. Right there, on the road, in the middle of nowhere was cut log. Now to put this into perspective we traveled 240 km of winter road and no where was a piece of cut log. Not only was there a piece of cut log but it was exactly, to the 16th of an inch, the right height to be slid under the trailer so we could re-jack the trailer and get it fixed . The volunteer I was with commented on this and I looked at the young man’s eyes, they were big and round. God had allowed our wheel to go bouncing along because He wanted the young man, and all of us, no see that He is active and gives us a way out. When something is broken and we look to fix it God is always there and cares. He will help us fix it. Once we set up for the night some other man joined us and we were cozy in our sleeping bags when around 2:30 in the morning someone’s phone alarm went off. Morgan woke up and allowed himself to get frustrated but after a few minutes the alarm stopped and back to sleep he went. Then, around 5:45 in the morning, someone else’s alarm went off! Morgan woke up but no one else did. After 10 or 15 minutes Morgan felt like finding the culprit and sending him into the snow outside! After what seemed like at least an hour, time drags when you are letting yourself get frustrated so it may have been shorter, Morgan realized once again that getting frustrated is of no value. You would think that after following Jesus since he was very young that leaning on Jesus and casting all his cares on Him would be second nature but sometimes we are all slow to learn!!!(FYI This is Morgan writing this.) With Morgan’s realization of the futility of being frustrated he did the only sensible thing and prayed to God, “God please help me have a good attitude no matter what and… could you please turn off that alarm!” Now Morgan does not usually bring such small and seemingly unimportant things to God. Whether he should or not is a debate for another day. What happened next falls into the category of “Just because He can.” The silence was almost deafening. Morgan had got so used to the hour long rhythmic beeping of the alarm that he was almost missing the sound. Just because He could God had turned off the alarm. No one woke up. No one else in the whole world cared. God was teaching Morgan, again, that we truly need to trust in Him, rely on Him, bring our cares to Him and no matter what have a good attitude because no matter how we feel about a situation God can use it for good! This would become even more important the next day.

On their way home, Morgan and the young man from Thompson were joined by Harry in his vehicle. They left on Saturday evening so that Morgan could spend an extra day his family but God had other plans. On the way up Harry had gone in the ditch and hit a large rock on the winter road so they were driving with his donut wheel less than 30km an hour when…Bump,Slam,Stop. The supports and axle were broken and the vehicle was now going no where!!! It was about 10:00pm and we were 110km North of Lynn Lake and 60Km South of the tent with the rest of our crew. Around 11:00 a truck drove by with a spot for one passenger so Harry went on to Lynn Lake for the night and to figure out towing. No one would drive past that spot in the middle of the bush heading for Lynn Lake for the next twelve hours. We always have an emergency kit and are prepared with skills and supplies so there was no real concern. What happened next was another special thing. Starting with questions like, “What do you want to do when you get older?” “What do you like to do?” and “Who in your life do you want to be like?” Morgan and the young man talked more in that vehicle that night than all the other times combined. After gentle questioning, prodding and leading the conversation it came out that the only thing in life he really likes to do is go hunting. He has only gone three times, all with Morgan. Of all the ‘work like’ things he has done cleaning is his favorite. He wants to be like one of his extended family members who is actively following Jesus. With each of these questions the conversation bent towards talking about God’s role in our lives. They talked about how following God allows us to be un-entangled by the restrictions of being caught up in the consequences of sin and allows us to do things like going hunting together and taking others along who would not have an opportunity otherwise. They talked about how Jesus came to fix the situation of sin and make things right, about how Morgan could help him train for a career in cleaning things and how to become like his family member he would need to do as the family member had and give his life over to Jesus. There is a lot more that could be said about this and the subsequent interactions in Lynn Lake and on the road but suffice it to say that God took all these situations and used them for good.

We thank God for each of you who support us in various ways. God is good and is building His kingdom. Please pray for wisdom, balance and love. There is much to do and seeking God’s will above even what just makes sense is important.

Until next time,
Your brother and sister in Christ Jesus,

Morgan and Krista Serger
with Obadiah, Enoch and Amos

We might be outnumbered and undermanned but God is in control – December 2015

Brothers and sisters in Christ Jesus,

It seems like there are only 24 hours in a day and we need time to take care of our little ones, nurturing our marriage, spending specific time with God, reaching the lost, helping the broken, discipling the growing and a bit for rest too. Bigger than all of that are the many situations when we listen or see and know that there is no logical or of this world solution to what is in front of us. We thank God for each of you reading this and praying for us. We sure are glad that God knows what He is doing. It is that kind of faith that gets us through each day knowing that we do not need to do everything. We just need to do what God has for us and cast all our cares and concerns on Jesus for He truly cares for each person and situation even more that we do!!!

With so many broken families, and specifically men making families and then leaving them to fend for themselves, it often feels like we are undermanned. If you can imagine playing checkers with 3 pieces on your side and the full 12 across from you then you get the picture.

What do you say when a mother is struggling with disciplining and nurturing her children, including adolescent and teenage boys, and the obvious answer is that they need a father? We listen, pray, and try to help in what seems like little ways now and then. Who fixes things, carries couches or takes the boys out fishing in your family? From another single mother Morgan got a call asking if he could fix a door. A different man had kicked down the door and shattered the doorframe. Her little ones were crying and older boys not at home. What do you do?

Why do we mention all these things? The common thread here is the whole outnumbered and undermanned reality of families in Northern Manitoba. There are more broken families than whole ones. That means that if every father that is with his wife takes responsibility for his family and another family’s children there are STILL those who have no father figure in their life. Tougher yet are the fathers that in all practical ways have abandoned their families but keep randomly coming back and causing trouble for their family.

So we need to pray something like these verses from Psalm 68. “Let God arise, Let His enemies be scattered; Let those also who hate Him flee before Him. As smoke is driven away, So drive them away;
As wax melts before the fire, So let the wicked perish at the presence of God. But let the righteous be glad; Let them rejoice before God; Yes, let them rejoice exceedingly. A father of the fatherless, a defender of widows, Is God in His holy habitation. God sets the solitary in families; He brings out those who are bound into prosperity; But the rebellious dwell in a dry land.” Psalm 68:1-3, 5-6
Prayerfully we try to meet the needs and see the opportunities that God puts before us. In the two situations described above, we felt God leading us to be involved in little ways.

With the first family Morgan sat the children down and described to them why they need to respect and obey their mother. Tactfully Morgan had them listening with the incentive of going ice fishing. By God’s grace they listened well to their Mother and the next day Morgan and four of the children packed into the fishing shack for a few hours. Though not a fish was to be found the real fishing was of men. Every time a semi-truck was driving towards them as they drove out to the fishing spot the children were talking about crashing in to it. This opened up the conversation about what it takes to be ready to die and what happens after death. One of the children had accepted Jesus as Savior and made Him Lord of her life at Mid-Way Bible Camp and so it was relatively easy for Morgan to turn the conversation towards our need for Jesus. Out on the ice as the sun went down the children asked for “freaky” stories and so Morgan shared the story of a man possessed by a legion of demons and more importantly how Jesus healed Him and is our source of courage and peace. On the way back Morgan got to ask them if they had a good time and they all did so he got to talk about how God changed him and how a family or life founded on God makes for good times like that one even if you don’t catch any fish!!!

At the broken door one of the teenage boys was home and willing to help. This was the opportunity that God had set up. Screwing the door frame back together and putting the hinges up were only the first part. Morgan got to gently ask where the young man had been the last few month and be there just at the moment God had made. The young man had wandered into some bad relationships and made some bad choices but over the past few weeks he was responding to the conviction that he did not want to walk the path he was on and wanted to turn back to God. Morgan had almost not gone since he is not a door repairman and there were other things that “needed” to get done but in this situation it seemed like God wanted Morgan to go. In retrospect it all makes sense.

We might only have 3 checkers to the 12 across the board but we have the God who forms each person, defeated death after the cross and keeps the planets in motion with us. It is amazing to see how with God’s wisdom we can meet some needs without being overwhelmed. We can take care of each other and ourselves not in a reasonable or logical way but in a Godly way not leaving our children uncared for or neglected and yet being used by God to fulfill His good will. Please pray for us as we seek to build God’s kingdom one life at a time. Please pray for the land application for Mid-Way Bible Camp as it seems stuck in bureaucracy and red tape. Please pray that each one of us, that includes you, would fight sin and trials through prayer. We thank God for each one of you who cares and supports us in prayer, financially and encouragement. God is good and He is at work.

Your brother and sister In Christ Jesus,
Morgan and Krista Serger
with Obadiah, Enoch and Amos

It’s a Boy! – October 2015

Brothers and sisters in Christ Jesus,

Weighing in at 8 lbs 6 oz, measuring 22 inches long, and healthy as a moose, but not the one we harvested while hunting, on Nov 1st at 6:45am Amos Daniel Serger was born after just over an hour of final laboring in Thompson MB. It is always amazing to be a part of something like this. New life is a beautiful thing. There are many ways that this month’s report could go. We could talk about how tough it has been to operate on little sleep and how God has provided all me need in that area. We could also talk about the great hunting trips for moose and grouse with talk about working together, building relationships with good brothers in Christ, young and old, new and long standing. Instead we will focus on testimonies from social media. For much of the time social media like Facebook, twitter and the like coupled with communication like texting and ancient technology like phone calls are used by those in darkness to promote depression, hurt and sin. Be encouraged that though the darkness is all around there are those who are standing in the middle of it shining the light that is hope in Jesus. Each one of these little posts, clips or messages comes from someone who is following Jesus in part through God using Mid-Way Christian Leadership & Bible Camp. This little light on mine…I am going to let it shine!
From someone that we always had to initiate any conversation about God just a few short years ago this is the text conversation out of the blue…

Her: Hey what are some verses that encouraged you lately?
Us: Matt 28:19 and 2nd Peter, the whole book!!!!
Her: Nice (Smiley face)
Us: You?
Her: 1 Thessalonians 5:17, Psalm 27, John 13:7, Proverbs 3:5, Jeremiah 29:11
That was sweet. Here is another. This was a facebook post by a young man.
Not sure about how many people will actually read this but this is my testimony. Not the whole story because it will be too long to read lol. Those who deal with depression might want to read. Long story, short.

I remember last year and the beginning of this year when I used to be so depressed to the point of feeling absolutely nothing. Self harmed all over my arms, chest and legs. Did drugs, started smoking, my life was a mess, complicated. I wanted it to end. I even used to be tempted to drink because I heard it took problems away. Until one day, a friend of mine asked me if I wanted to learn about God at SALT youth group. I always believed but never bothered, when she asked, I really wanted to say no but I went anyways, i started to go often, then I started enjoying it. Slowly, I started getting closer to God, I still do. Then my depression came back, I backfell. Almost killed myself. My Parents, instead of sending me to a mental hospital or therapist, they talked to me about God and helped me get back up. I joined bible camp staff, got baptized, helped baptize my sister and i don’t regret a thing about that. Been drug free for more than a year and self harm free for 6 months. If I can do it then anybody can.

God loves you even when you hated him. When it feels like you can’t even love yourself. He’s your comforter and when it feels like nobody is there, he is. Honestly man, he changed my life around and I’m hoping he can do the same for you.

Seen so many depressing statuses today so I decided to write this. Hope it helps and if not then, may God reach out to you.

And here is another facebook post from a young lady who has participated in the young adult LIGHT Bible studies and helped volunteer in some of the missions work.
Jesus said to him, “If you can believe, all things are possible to him who believes.”
Immediately the father of the child cried out and said with tears, “Lord, I believe; help my unbelief!”
Mark 9:24
Lord I believe, help my unbelief..

There are many more examples but suffice it to say that God is raising up for himself a new generation of Christian leaders in and from Northern Manitoba. Each one of these three has a Cree background and is in different ways leading others to draw near to God through Jesus. We thank God for all the care and support you all have for us. God is truly bringing forth something new, a new creation, in Northern Manitoba. We praise God for each of you and most of all praise God that He is a good God and takes care of all we all need all the time. He is the ALL Mighty.

In Christ Jesus,
Morgan and Krista Serger with Obadiah, Enoch and Amos!!!!!

A Fly on The Wall – September 2015

Sometime we wish we could be just a fly on the wall and other times we `get` the chance. God is faithful to bring people to a point of decision to follow him and we all have the privilege, if we keep our eyes open for it, to see glimpses of maturing, potential and even outright fruit coming from that spiritual growth. We are always amazed at how God works things together in His timing. I like an apple seed, shoot, sapling, tree, leaf and flower but what I really want is to see that fruit!

This fall with some of the volunteers leaving the North Morgan has been traveling with Daniel Merasty and Kyla Plett to be the third in the ministry team going to Nelson House every Friday. One of our general policies is that female and male staff do not travel 1 on 1 alone and so Morgan has this opportunity. It would be very easy for Morgan just to jump into the middle of the teaching and leading component of the SALT youth group that Daniel leads with support from Kyla but…that would stop Daniel and Kyla along with the youth from being able to grow into their own leadership so this is what happened. The first time one of the SALT youth was babysitting and brought the three young ones to the SALT youth group. Now, as many of you are already guessing, bringing three young children could provide a significant distraction so… Morgan went to the back of the room with them and had the opportunity to have a little `Sunday School` program while being a `fly on the wall.` The little ones were kept occupied, learned about Jesus and how God loves them and made them special and ,of equal importance, the SALT youth were able to keep focused and engaged with Daniel and Kyla.

The whole concept of prioritizing discipleship and growing Christian leaders makes this kind of decision a great example of what we are trying to create in all the ministries of Mid-Way Christian Leadership. The idea that time and energy spend releasing growing leaders to exercise their faith and leadership skills in leading others to a better understanding of what it means to follow God through Bible study and practical application is essential. Maybe we are so excited about this because as Morgan was a `fly on the wall` teaching the little kids in the corner he overheard some fantastic teaching by Daniel. Getting the SALT youth to read from the Bible, each in turn, then prodding them with questions and gently but firmly expounding on what the Bible passage meant for their daily walks sent shivers up Morgan`s spine. Is this not what we dream about? As we keep our eyes on Jesus and become more like Him as He grows the fruit of the Spirit in us we desire to call others to be like us inasmuch as we are like Christ.

Other evenings Morgan has gone to visit some of the older Christians in the community while Daniel and Kyla get the SALT started in or out of the little church in Nelson House. In these Nisichawayasihk Cree Nation homes sometimes there is prayer while other times it is just sitting and talking but always there is something in their eyes when they hear about what is going on that sparkles with the thought that the next generation may outdistance the last in faithfulness to God and growing as Christian leaders. What is God doing in whole? Only God knows. What is God doing in little bits? Sometimes we see it.

It is exciting times for our family as Obadiah and Enoch learn and grow and we wait expectantly for the little one to be born. Obadiah is learning to read “more and more” in his words and sings all the words to ‘Praise God from who all blessings flow’ and “God loves me” along with many other songs by himself or with the family. Both boys are running around and Enoch is just getting his first words ready for use. We have recently moved to 151 Deerwood Drive which is the new Mid-Way Christian Leadership building. The offices and meeting space is downstairs while our family lives on the main floor. We have also changed our home phone to a cell phone so our new number is 1 204 679 2474. There are many more thing that we could mention but most of all want to thank you for reading this far. We thank God for all of you who pray, donate, encourage and walk alongside us in this life. We praise God for how He provides in so many ways and pray that we all, you and us, would all remain faithful to Him. God is so good no matter the situation.

In Christ Jesus,

Morgan and Krista Serger with Obadiah, Enoch
and the little baby in Krista’s Womb due Nov 2ndish!

September 2015

One of the questions we get asked sometimes and need to ask ourselves each year is “Do the camp staff get paid?” The answer is no, not really. A few exceptions aside, the camp staff don’t get paid. This summer we had a great number of people coming from all over the place to help at camp. They got a free t-shirt and some candy in the tuck shop. Their accommodations and meals are covered, but that’s pretty much it. So why do people come? It’s encouraging to know that the staff who are at camp are there because they’ve put God’s will first in their life. What’s also exciting is working side by side with a whole group of people who chose to give up 6 weeks of their summer to serve God. They could be working at job where they get paid, they could be spending time with their friends and families. So we get to spend the summer with people whose first mission is to serve God and put Him first. That’s so amazing! Then we got to spend summer sharing that passion for Jesus with 236 campers! God is good. There are weeks where we don’t have enough counselors to accept all the kids who want to come to camp! One week we had a waiting list that was over 20 names, which is an indication that there are lots of people who want to come to a place where they can have fun, be safe and be a kid.

“I want to come and learn more about God. It’s hard to follow God in my community, people don’t care about that kind of stuff.”

This is a typical desire among youth in the communities we work with. It is really hard to follow God when there is no place to go for anyone, young or old, who want to be discipled, learn to pray and read the bible together. This summer at camp we ran a program called SALT. Serving And Leadership Training. 26 young people ages 13 and up came to camp who wanted more. They wanted more than just what their friends were doing. They wanted more than just to live for themselves. One young man came because he felt God wanted him to come to camp instead of doing a student work placement in his home community. “I had these two things to choose from. Either I stayed at home and worked, and didn’t change anything about my lifestyle, or I could come to camp and learn about following God. Now I’m here.” During the SALT week, students were given portions of scripture to learn, memorize and study in private and as a group. They learned how to lead evening devotions in cabins, how to help with cooking and doing the dishes. They helped on the maintenance crew with some projects around camp like cutting the grass, splitting firewood and repairing doors and such. Once they had an opportunity to see what it’s like to serve God at camp and at home, they had an opportunity to do it. For some it wasn’t what they wanted, so they went back home. Others wanted it, but couldn’t let go of their other lifestyle, one of serving self. Some weren’t ready for it, but there were 12 who graduated at the end of the training and came back to work as staff for the remainder of the summer. The best part is, God is working in their lives still. They are in a community from where campers come, which means there are even more opportunities to share the hope they have in Christ Jesus our Lord.

Pray with us as we continue to work and serve with these young people. Pray that we would all have the wisdom that comes from above when we need to make a tough decision, and the boldness to never back down when faced with the darkness that surrounds.